keep oregon green: divest pers from the war machine

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Women's EcoPeace 501c3 is dedicated to unleashing the power of women of all ages to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia. 

Fed up with the war on women and the war on the world, we know it's not enough to resist. We must plant a peace economy, divest from the war machine, and rapidly shift to a way of being in the world that practices a religion called life. Women's EcoPeace is advancing those strategies while supporting the Colombian tribes caring for the most important nature reserve on the planet.


A recent informal poll by Military Times of their readers, with 51,000 responses, found 89% opposition to the proposed parade. We are joining forces with Military Families Speak Out and other groups to reclaim the original purpose of Armistice Day and make the response to President Trump’s military parade bigger than the parade itself.

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Stacy Bannerman is the author of HOMEFRONT 911 (2015), and a nationally-recognized leader in the effort to end the Iraq war. She was a charter Board member of Military Families Speak Out, is the only peace activist in US history to testify before Congress three times, and spearheaded the passage of several bills.  More information is available at

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