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Combat Kills Climate


We haven’t counted the massive carbon footprint of America’s endless wars because military emissions abroad have a blanket exemption from both national reporting requirements and the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. There will be no exemptions in the coming climate collapse. We’ve all got skin in the war game now.  Learn more about how combat harms the climate here: Is Climate the Worst Casualty of War?

Passing the PERS Divest From War Campaign Baton

Our Divest PERS From War campaign, launched by Stacy Bannerman in August, 2018, has been so successful - including positive talks with Governor Kate Brown and OR State Treasurer Read - that Jodie Evans/CODE PINK and World Beyond War are investing to #Divest! They are teaming up and putting much-needed resources, including paid personnel and money for billboards, etc., into the campaign!

Women's EcoPeace is delighted to pass the baton to these wonderful organizations with the resources to continue to build our Oregon Divest From War Coalition, and take the OR Divest PERS From War Campaign across the finish line.  We truly believe Oregon will be the frontrunner, which is why we created the first statewide campaign to Divest from War

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Women's EcoPeace 501c3 is dedicated to unleashing the power of women of all ages to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia. 

Fed up with the war on women and the war on the world, we know it's not enough to resist. We must plant a peace economy, divest from the war machine, and rapidly shift to a way of being in the world that practices a religion called life. Women's EcoPeace is advancing those strategies while supporting the Colombian tribes caring for the most important nature reserve on the planet.


War Investments Unsustainable

            Oregon state investments are subsidizing out-of-state weapons manufacturers who consume about 30 percent of our federal discretionary budget while programs for domestic needs such as food, education, and health care are being cut. We’re struggling to find the resources to fight Oregon’s forest fires, which are getting worse every year. The PERS fund is pouring fuel on those fires by financing carbon-intensive guns and missiles that kill innocent civilians, most often women and children, and pollute the planet. Research by Oil Change International suggests that the Iraq War, which was a war for oil, has likely produced upwards of 400 million metric tons of CO2e. It’s ethically and environmentally indefensible for PERS to invest in war, given the human and climate costs of combat.

That’s why Women's EcoPeace is leading the Oregon Divest from War Coalition in calling on Governor Kate Brown, Treasurer Tobias Read, the Oregon Investment Council, and the PERS Board to create an investment policy that values life, local communities, a green Oregon, and sustainable jobs at home. OR Divest from War Coalition members – including Corvallis, the MRG Foundation, Red Earth Descendants, the Post Growth Institute, Wilson Biochar Associates, and Beyond Toxics – are mobilizing in a national movement to divest from war. The manufacture and use of war goods and services creates unnecessary and widespread environmental destruction, and uses material and financial resources that could be more wisely and ethically applied. 

Oregon’s public pension fund struggles to meet its obligations, while socially responsible, sustainable, weapons-free investment options are outpacing morally problematic military contractors and weapons manufacturers. For example, the NC State's ESG fund is outperforming its endowment to the tune of 20 percent over 12 percent. In light of the climbing costs of war to people, the planet, and taxpayers’ pocketbooks, the state’s investment portfolio is simply unsustainable. 

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