"In a modern, moral, wealthy society, no one should be too poor to live."

Keep Oregon Green: Divest from the War Machine

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Women's EcoPeace 501c3 is dedicated to unleashing the power of women of all ages to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia. 

Fed up with the war on women and the war on the world, we know it's not enough to resist. We must plant a peace economy, divest from the war machine, and rapidly shift to a way of being in the world that practices a religion called life. Women's EcoPeace is advancing those strategies while supporting the Colombian tribes caring for the most important nature reserve on the planet.

Combat v. Climate

The cost of America’s post-9/11 wars is approaching nearly $6 trillion as of July, 2018, and the price tag will continue to climb right along with sea levels; temperatures; parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air; the release of methane and long-dormant, potentially highly lethal bacteria and viruses; food insecurity; and climate refugees. 

Even so, public health agencies never discuss what war costs our climate when they discuss how climate change will cost our children. Research published in the journal Pediatrics in May, 2018, revealed that “children are estimated to bear 88% of the burden of disease related to climate change." And big environmental organizations seem to have tacitly agreed that the US military is the entity we won’t talk about when we talk about the biggest contributors to climate change. The Women’s March organizers refuse to include feminist anti-war leaders in their movement, and the Resistance that rose up in opposition to the Trump administration does not resist war. 

We have to de-frock the sacred cow grazing at the Department of Defense. We simply cannot make the systemic and cultural transformations required for mitigating climate change and advancing climate justice when we aren't getting serious about the fact that the war machine driving U.S. foreign policy is pouring fuel on the fire of global warming.       

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