Women's EcoPeace was conceived over 15 years of exhaustive research, surveys, formal interviews, observation and informal conversations, Congressional testimonials, political activism, personal experiences and reports of the human and environmental costs of combat; how war is a major factor in climate change; and how both are disproportionately devastating to women. Science has established the incontrovertibility of accelerating, man-made climate collapse. We are particularly concerned by the current and projected impacts and trajectories of ACD, which most severely impacts women, people of color, and impoverished nations.  Poor people bear the brunt of climate breakdown, and women (esp. older women/tribal women/women of color/women impacted by armed conflict on the warfront and on the Homefront) are far more likely to be poor than their male counterparts. 

Political mobilization is critical to women’s empowerment. Women’s voices change the cultural narrative and create political authority, which is a necessary tool for dismantling the abuse of power and systemic male violence toward women and Mother Earth in the US and globally. The Trump Administration is waging an all-out war against women, evidenced by the daily onslaught against women’s rights, the rollbacks and reversals in women’s access to health care and birth control nationally and internationally. In October of 2017, it was announced that the US would withdraw from UNESCO, the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural organization known for its designation of world heritage sites and global development missions that include promoting sex education, literacy, clean water and equality for women.

Now more than ever, women must rise and respond to the moral, ethical, and spiritual challenges of accelerating climate change by elevating their voices in policy and advocacy for peace and climate justice, actively engaging small-scale replicable green technologies, divesting from the war economy and building local peace economies while securing and resourcing woman-owned and sacred lands in climate refugia. 

Climate refugia are defined as: Areas relatively buffered from modern climate change over time that enable persistence of valued physical, ecological, and socio-cultural resources. Refugia are increasingly being recognized as critical responses and resources in the face of looming Anthropogenic Climate Disruption (ACD). The term was first introduced to describe locations where species survived the last glacial period, but it’s increasingly used to refer to areas that should be conserved to limit the impacts of rising global temperatures in the 21st century.



Women’s EcoPeace is an Oregon-based non-profit corporation founded by Chief Executive Stacy Bannerman in November of 2017. Federal IRS 501.c.3 status was received in December of 2017. 

Women’s EcoPeace integrates four essential areas that, when combined, catalyze systemic change:

· Community Education

· Civic Engagement and Political Advocacy

· Organizing and Mobilization

· Intergenerational Women’s Leadership Development

Mission: Unleashing the power of women of all ages to protect the planet, promote peace, and secure and preserve sacred land in climate refugia.

We fulfill our mission by connecting and cultivating representative leadership of the most affected communities, and developing the skills, talents, and abilities of a diverse range of women of all ages as we engage in advocacy, direct action, political mobilization, and creating, developing, implementing, and evaluating programs, services, and public campaigns centered on or incorporating best practices for planting a peace economy, practicing environmental stewardship, and dismantling the War Machine. That is, Big Oil, military contractors, civilian firearms companies, and weapons manufacturers.  

Campaigns, Events, and Initiatives

What We're Up To

In October of 2017, Women's EcoPeace filed as an Intervenor with FERC against the proposed Jordan Cove/LNG Pipeline that would increase methane pollution, which is a greenhouse gas at least 20 times more potent than carbon.  We are working with frontline organizations and tribes in southern Oregon to mount resistance and prevent this pipeline project.

We staged our first-ever MotherPeace event on Mother's Day, 2018, reclaiming the original intention of the day: A call for peace from women around the world so that no more mother's sons would perish in war.

WEPeace nominated a young woman for a Fellowship from the Rural Organizing Project that would support us in mentoring her as our Youth Organizer for the Divest From War campaign and developing the next generation of indigenous women leaders

In August of 2018, the Oregon Divest From War Coalition, a project of Women's EcoPeace, launched the nation's first statewide Divest From War campaign in Oregon.

In addition to being an Organizational Sponsor to Stop Trump's Military Parade and reclaim Armistice Day, November 11, 2018, in Washington, D.C., we were on the Planning Committee for the Peace Congress held on Saturday, November 10, at Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church, 201 4th St. SE, in Washington, DC .

Going from conception to delivery in 33 days, Women's EcoPeace created, produced, and directed the coast-to-coast Heart2Heart Tour: Veterans and Their Families Speak Out About Love, War, and Enough Folded Flags. At the final stop of the tour, Stacy Bannerman gave her Freedom Medal back to President Bush during the Liberty Medal ceremony at the National Constitution Center on Veteran's Day. Watch what happened:

In November of 2018, we began conducting outreach for the purposes of forming an exploratory committee for the creation of a Center for Peace Ecology.

We are planning a series of Invisible Draft workshops on Combat, Climate, and Casualties of the War at Home in 2019.

Our Founder continues to advance the vision of an American Truth & Reconciliation Commission on the Iraq War that she first proposed in March in 2016.

Team EcoPeace

Stacy Bannerman

Founder & Chief Executive

Alexa Bernard

Permaculture Specialist

Pattie Trepanier

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Liz Weicha

Advisory Council

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We are actively seeking Board members and women who are experts in their field to serve on the Advisory Council. Please contact  us if you're interested in joining Team EcoPeace!