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A Workshop on Walking the Path of the Spiritual Warrior

           We are in the midst of an unprecedented social, political, and environmental crisis. The systems supporting life and livelihoods are collapsing, and we are called to action as human beings and as spiritual beings. The two are not separate, but for far too long, we have acted as though they are. We have called ourselves light workers but refused to walk in the dark. We have called everything “perfect,” even as we knew, deeply within ourselves, that it was not. 

To be awake on the planet today means to be awake to what is, to bear witness to suffering, and move toward what moves us to action in the public sphere. Make no mistake: politics is spirituality, expressed. This workshop, created and presented by Stacy Bannerman, is an immersion and experiential education in unleashing and engaging soulforce: the twin flames of courage and love. 

This is life’s most powerful vibration. It exists in all of us. Mahatma Gandhi called it satyagraha, and it is the energy behind every person who ever spoke truth to power, every person who has worked to advance justice with mercy — and every person who is reading this now. 

Soulforce is the divine, intelligent, organizing principle of the universe that inspires you and me, and moves us to join hands and cross lines, to stand up or sit down when we have had enough. It provides the inner strength, the moral fortitude, to rise in creative protest of what is with a higher vision of what can be. 

The time has come to make a promise to ourselves, our children, and all sentient beings that the zero sum game we have been playing with people and politics and the planet itself is a game that ends today. Thoughts and prayers aren't enough. We need boots AND wings! 

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Sacred Activism & Peace Actions

  • Divest from the War Machine
  • Plant a Peace Ecology
  • #AUMFIsSoOver: Call for a Public Hearing On the Corker/Kaine Senate Joint Resolution #59
  • Support H.R. 1111 to establish a Department of Peace
  • Advancing a Feminist Foreign Policy

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